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Governor Christie’s CPAC Rebuke

Republicans need to modernize James Pedersen Contributing Writer Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie, advocate of “common sense reform,” was not invited to speak at the annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) that took place earlier in March in Washington, D.C. Christie is one of a plethora of Republicans that did not receive an […]

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Kroll Exempts Chancellor For False Statements Regarding NYPD

NYPD involvement understated by Kroll John Bolger Deputy News Editor The Kroll report manages to determine that indeed there were NYPD inside the lobby. However the discussion about the NYPD’s involvement – and the Chancellor Matthew Goldstein’s statements concerning the NYPD’s participation in the protest dispersal – is missing key facts and makes some questionable […]

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Kroll Report Biased and Inconclusive

An editorial from the former editor-in-chief Jenady Garshofsky Senior Staff The Baruch lobby protest occurred on Nov. 21 2011, and the highly anticipated Kroll report investigating the protest was released on Jan. 4 2013. The 68-page report highlighting the before, during and after stages of the protest, including preparation measures for the public hearing, is […]

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Kroll Report Incorrectly States Windows Were Broken

NYPD deputy inspector misinforms Kroll of protester vandalism John Bolger Deputy News Editor The report claims that protesters “broke windows” on their way to Baruch from Madison Square Park. It is highly unlikely this is true. The claim stems from an interview with NYPD Deputy Inspector Ted Berntsen, however the claim is dubious for a […]

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Hunter Sports Roundup

A look at what’s happening in Hunter sports  Christian Davies Sports Editor As the fall semester comes to a close, the winter sports teams at Hunter are just getting started. Over the past two weeks, the men’s and women’s basketball teams have had a tough time tangling with their first rounds of opponents, the wrestling […]

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A Final Letter

It seems that only yesterday  I was standing in the lobby of the Baruch College Vertical Campus, watching baton-wielding Public Safety officers charge peacefully protesting students. I remember it so vividly in my head because I have never seen something more horrific and disgusting. By simply attending a public hearing to seek the latest information […]

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New Online Teacher Evaluations

Students and faculty have mixed responses Kristina Chan Staff Writer   This semester teacher evaluations will be submitted online instead of on paper, as has been customary for years. The new system was supposedly developed to increase efficiency but has stirred mixed reactions. “In effect, by conducting the teaching evaluations online, the college diminished the significance such evaluations had when they were completed […]

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Brookdale Campus Reopens

Students return to dormitory while others are told to wait  Kristina Chan Staff Writer   The North and West buildings of the Brookdale Health Science Campus reopened on Dec. 5, after Hurricane Sandy inflicted over $10 million worth of damages. Hunter is currently in the the process of submitting claims to the Federal Emergency Management […]

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Scars the World Cannot See

A story of survival, perseverance, and return to normalcy Ariana Lorelle Guzman Staff Writer On Aug 29, 2011, I woke up with the most excruciating pain I had ever felt. My right leg was at least two shades darker than normal, and I felt a shooting pain from the knee down. It felt like an […]

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An Irish Road-Trip

Notes from a traveling students By Brianna Murphy Contributing Writer       As someone with a deep affection for the United States Postal Service, it is difficult for me to accept the green post boxes which are ubiquitous in Dublin. During the rebellions that led to Irish independence around the turn of the 20th […]

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Father of Hunter Student Tragically Dies

Ki-Suck Han, father of Hunter student, Ashley Han, tragically died earlier in December when a crazed man pushed Ki-Suck Han into the tracks of the Times Square subway station. President Raab reached out to Ashley Han for emotional and financial support during this time. The Envoy offers our deepest sympathy to Ashley Han and her […]

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CUNY Central Continues to Defend Pathways

Pathways debate goes national and galvanizes student groups By Luthfun Nahar and Carla Sinclair Staff Writers   While CUNY Central has largely ignored faculty opposition to Pathways, a national petition that started late last month has spurred CUNY administrators to break their silence, and enter the public realm. On Nov. 26, Professional Staff Congress President […]

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