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Former CIA Director to Teach at Macaulay Honors College

Chief Esposito Retires from Top NYPD Position

March for Labor Solidarity Draws Thousands

Media Department Honors Investigative Journalists

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My Brooklyn

Hunter professor explores gentrification in award-winning film     Amal Abass Staff Writer When I told Kelly Anderson, Hunter Media Studies professor and award- winning documentarian, about the day I moved to Brooklyn a few months ago after being priced out of Manhattan, she nodded knowingly. A New Yorker for twenty- plus years, Anderson wasn’t surprised […]

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Thomas Hunter Art Project

Photos by Mimiko Watanabe

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Jorge Pineda: Shadows and Other Fairytales

Exhibit on display in Hunter’s East Harlem Art Gallery     Irina Lotarevich Staff Writer Walking into the lobby of Hunter’s Silberman School of Social Work, students may be surprised when confronted with the gigantic mass of black scrawls drawn on the wall of the otherwise pristine and modern Social Work building. The drawing is part […]

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Haim Steinbach and Nina Beier at the Artist’s Institute

Institute focuses on new artist for the semester     Irina Lotarevich Staff Writer A description of a Haim Steinbach sculpture often sounds like an absurdist poem, one in which unlikely descriptors are in nonsensical proximity. Since the late 1970s, Israeli artist Haim Steinbach has been producing such compositions of purchased objects and displaying them on […]

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Two Halves of the Same Whole

The new David O. Russell film about life, love and mental instability   Jetta Weinstein Contributing Writer Silver Linings Playbook, the new film from director David O. Russell (The Fighter, I Heart Huckabees) is an engaging dramedy featuring a noteworthy cast, and nuanced writing and directing from Russell. Based on a novel of the same title by Matthew […]

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Change Is What We Got

Obama does away with our civil liberties     Mike Stivers Staff Writer In the fall of 2008, Barack Obama swept the nation off its feet with inspiring rhetoric of “change we could believe in.” He captivated an American populace that was disillusioned and demoralized. Since then liberal democrats have held their breath as they […]

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New Age Robber Barons

Why some see us as a nation of doers and takers     Phyll Pope Opinion Editor Mitt Romney officially began his campaign on the 2nd of June, 2011 in a field in Stratham, New Hampshire amidst tepid applause, and ended 523 days later in an auditorium in Boston, Massachusetts with tears and despair. During […]

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The Lines Are Too Damn Long

Why I chose not to vote in this election   Lara Berlyne Staff Writer “Vote! Let your voice be heard! Represent your demographic!” are phrases I encountered throughout the road to Election Day at Hunter College. NYPIRG feverishly pushed voter registration forms in each and every one of my lecture halls, and sent mass emails about […]

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Hunter Provides Navigation For Small Claims Court Woes

Students, alumni, and other citizens flocked to NYPIRG’s first Small Claims Court Action Center (SCCAC) training session. NYPIRG’s Regional Campus Supervisor, Ted Traver, and Program Coordinator, Megan Ahearn, attended Hunter to deliver the training. The training focused on the procedure of how SCCAC assists those who are intending to use the small claims court. Participants […]

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Women’s Tennis Team Wins CUNYAC Championship

Lady Hawks take home their 13th consecutive title  Christian Davies Sports Editor On October 24th, the Hunter women’s tennis team won their 13th consecutive CUNYAC tournament championship, beating the College of Staten Island 5-1. In their first year under new coach Frances Ferdinand, the Hawks finished 12-3, including a nine-match winning streak to end their […]

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San Francisco Shocks Detroit with World Series Sweep

Tigers vs. Giants     Andy Bell Baltaci Staff Writer The Detroit Tigers had quite a season in 2012. They came back in the AL Central to take the division from the Chicago White Sox. They won the American League Division Series in a decisive Game 5 against the Oakland Athletics, a team that had come back […]

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Understanding the Student Athlete

Featuring Erick Estrada, captain of the men’s soccer team   Stephie-Anne Dulipre Staff Writer A native of El Salvador, Erick Estrada came to live in the United States at the age of twelve. In a country where soccer is the number one sport, it is very hard to grow up without a desire to be […]

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